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Frost resistant passiflora

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Beauty of Hannover

Zeer sterke nieuwe hybride geschikt voor de tuin .

Sales price: 7,50 €

Betty Myles Young

Prachtige en zeer goed bloeiende, redelijk sterke hybride ...

Sales price: 7,50 €


Who doesn't know it? Can be found in many gardens, ...

Sales price: 5,50 €

Caerulea "Pierre Pomie"

Very easy species, which can be planted directly in the ...

Sales price: 5,14 €

Caerulea Constance Elliot

Perhaps the strongest of all passion flowers, which can ...

Sales price: 6,50 €


Een van de mooie soorten van Maurizio Vecchia uit Italië.

Sales price: 7,00 €

Clear Sky

Zeer sterke Caerulea selectie met mooie grote bloemen.

Sales price: 7,00 €


Nieuwe hybride met spectaculaire grote bloemen .

Sales price: 7,00 €

Fata Confetto

Prachtige hybride van de Italiaan , Maurizio Vecchia.

Sales price: 7,50 €


Nieuwe sterke selectie van de Passifloratuin

Sales price: 7,50 €


Of the strongest passiflora's from the north and middle ...

Sales price: 7,00 €


Nieuwe sterke selectie van de Passifloratuin.

Sales price: 7,00 €

Little Princess

Nieuwe zeer sterke witte passiflora van Klaas Kingma ...

Sales price: 7,00 €


Meest Noordelijke en ook vorstbestendige passiflora.

Sales price: 7,00 €

Mini Me

Fraaie nieuwe goedbloeiende cultivar van Klaas Kingma uit ...

Sales price: 7,00 €


Is offered nowadays with the name P. Tucumanensis, strong ...

Sales price: 6,50 €


Mooie nieuwe sterke en rijkelijk bloeiende hybride.

Sales price: 6,50 €

Snow Queen

Zeer goed bloeiende nieuwe witte hybride die ook nog eens ...

Sales price: 7,50 €


Afkomstig van Nieuw-Zeeland , groeit daar uit tot enorme ...

Sales price: 6,50 €

White Mirror

Splendid new rather strong hybrid from 2007.

Sales price: 6,50 €

White Wedding

Superb white passiflora.

Sales price: 6,50 €

We sell passion flowers all year through. In case several species are not on stock, you can inform us in which passion flowers you are interested by using the "notify me" button. We can check that way quite easily; in which passiflora's people are interested and fine-tune our creation of young plants according to this. You will also receive automatically an email, when the young plants are ready for sale and we have added them to our stock. Please note, that this is not a presales system, you still need to order the passion flowers which are added to our stock, through our web shop. We don't ship Passion Flowers during frost periods, we ask for you understanding regarding this and to take this in account whenever you place an order.

Attention! Due to the Corona crisis its not possible to visit our Greenery.
We only ship plants at the moment, you can't pick up plants yourself.